Saturday, February 6, 2016

Northwest Stampede

FILM - Northwest Stampede was a 1948 Hollywood B-movie starring Joan Leslie (1925-2015) and James Craig (1912-1985). This was Leslie's second feature for Eagle-Lion Films, the crème de la crème of poverty row studios. A couple years before, Leslie had been one of Warner Bros. rising stars until she became locked in a bitter legal battle with WB over the roles being offered her. Northwest Stampede may give us a glimpse at the kind of roles she had been hoping for from WB: a modern, capable woman with a strong moral character. Set in 1940s Alberta, it tells the story of a seemingly ne'er-do-well rodeo cowboy who learns some important life lessons from ranch foreman (Leslie) and along the way they go to the Calgary Stampede. The film was shot in Cinecolor in various scenic locations in and around Calgary, including Banff and Lake Louise.

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